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Who Are We? 
The Mountain Gorilla Conservation Society of Canada is a volunteer-based non-profit organization whose members are passionate and dedicated to helping save gorillas in their natural habitat.

Our Mission
a) Is to help secure the future of habituated and wild gorillas by increasing the number of wildlife health specialists in the field.
We accomplish this by providing scholarships in veterinary medicine in 
the master's program in "Wildlife Health and Management". Students graduate with the knowledge and skills required to help save gorillas and other wildlife suffering from life-threatening illness and injury in situ, and,  
b) to address environmental issues that affect the poor, low income and underserved communities through resource management, environment and conservation studies, resilience planning and preparedness.

The scholarship program in “Wildlife Health and Management” is an investment and plays key role in the future for the region providing leadership to improve the health and welfare for everyone.​​
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