The Mountain Gorilla Conservation Society of Canada Veterinary Scholarship was established to recognize and foster academic excellence in veterinary medicine.


The MGCSC shall provide scholarships to outstanding African veterinary students pursuing graduate and postgraduate degrees in veterinary medicine in Africa. 


MGCSC Scholarships are available to African students enrolled at Makerere University School of Veterinary Medicine and other accredited African Schools of Veterinary Medicine.


Please note: We are currently NOT accepting applications. Please check our website in the future to submit your application.


1            Scholarship Eligibility Requirements:

1.1         Complete the MGCSC on line Scholarship Application at

1.2         Must be enrolled at Makerere University School of Veterinary Medicine.

1.3         Provide a current letter of admission to Makerere University School of          Veterinary Medicine.

1.4         Demonstrate strong personal qualities of motivation and integrity as well as  academic excellence.

1.5         Provide copies of transcripts from all schools/colleges/universities attended.

1.6         Provide a letter of recommendation specifically for the Scholarship from a  professional or academic source.

1.7         Provide a Personal 500 word essay.

1.8         Animal experience, research experience and volunteer experience will be  considered.

1.9         Applications must be received by the deadline date.       


1            Selection:

1.1          The MGCSC Board of Directors will award the MGCSC the Scholarship.  

2           Scholarship Amount

2.1         Each MGCSC Scholarship is unique. The Scholarship amount may include one, or a  combination of: tuition, books, accommodations and / or meals.

3           Scholarship Funding

3.1         Funds are paid upon meeting the criteria of the Renewal Guidelines.

3.2        No monies or funds are provided directly to the student.

3.3        There is no obligation for MGCSC or MAKSVM to provide money to the student. 

3.4        Scholarships cannot be transferred to another degree program than for the  scholarship which it has been granted.

3.5        Scholarships cannot be postponed, interrupted or deferred to later semesters or  renewed for future semesters. 

3.6        Should the Renewal Guidelines not be met, the student scholarship will be  cancelled.

4           Renewal Guidelines

4.1         MGCSC must receive written information on academic and attendance  performance of the Scholarship student at each semester in order to                   receive  the Scholarship payment for the next semester. 

4.2        The student must be a student in good standing and must have acceptable  academic and attendance standards and performance.

4.3        The student must provide MGCSC written confirmation that they have received  the scholarship.



                                                                             Subject to change without notice                                                             


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